Birth Music Services


Did you know...
Studies have shown that programmed music can significantly reduce pain and anxiety during birth? 


I provide music specifically designed for the various stages of childbirth, utilizing the tempo, dynamics, instrumentation, and orchestration that will actually lessen your perception of pain and greatly decrease your anxiety. I will go through your own music library and create playlists that are uniquely "your birth".

I will attend your birth and actively support you during labor and delivery, or prepare your birth team.

Your Birth Music Package: $199


  • Two 90-minute pre-natal visits for music selection​

  • Complete Birth Music Plan, organized by stage of labor 

  • Instruction on how to maximize the effects of the music through breathing, visualization, and gentle movement. 

  • Custom lullaby for baby.


Your Music Doula Package: $799


  • Includes entire Birth Music Package, plus...

  • Live and recorded music during labor and delivery

  • Guidance in music childbirth techniques

  • Collaboration with your entire birth team to create a postitive birth experience

  • Available for homebirth, birth centers, and hospital deliveries. Medicated and unmedicated. Vaginal and cesarean births.

In experienced hands, music can facilitate relaxation, reduce anxiety, and relieve pain for a woman during childbirth.